The Top Music Awards organized by Hong Kong Commercial Radio has been a successful event. Present at the gala night are big names in the Hong Kong music scene such as Jiang Tao, AGA, KAY, and Xu Tingkeng to name a few. airDefender's new patented product - the new wireless Qdot antibacterial atomizer gun was tested for instant disinfection and sprayed on every corner.

2020 is almost over. We are entering the start of a new year, the people crave new things. People are now aware of the changes and trends happening in society, particularly when it comes to health and well-being.

Is your face irritated from wearing a mask? Are you showing signs of chafing with pimple-like bumps? You might be suffering from skin irritation caused by prolonged wearing of a face mask. The technology has dramatically caught up with the latest innovation. The awareness of wearing a mask every time we go out has become an integral part of our daily activities. 

This is not just about the disposable mask, but the attitude of the person on proper management and disposal. Carelessness, the lack of discipline, and concern for the environment become a habit that most people ignore. With tons of disposable masks used every day it has become difficult to fully implement the proper segregation..

Companies are gradually recuperating from the economic fallout brought by the pandemic. The COVID-19 brought a nightmare to all corporations and small businesses leading to bankruptcy or forced to reduced operations...

Odors are unwanted smells from secretions, gases, and waste materials. Whether it's the smell of melted rubber, smog, the smell of pet urines or animal manures, the burnt smell of your cooking, the smell of cigars, and the most common is the body odor...

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