Did you know that your nose protects you through smell? You will wonder how this tiny organ that is located at the center of your face could protect you and your health. The answer lies in the nerve cells that detect odors at the tip of your nostrils.

Alcohol hand sanitizers are the leading standard when it comes to avoiding the transmission of germs through hand and surface contact. However, while it's efficient in killing pathogens and alike, alcohol has a major flaw which makes it also its greatest weakness compared to its non-alcohol contender.

The word "liberty" carries a lot of weight. For some, it entails self-sufficiency. Others see it as the ability to act and talk freely, as well as the freedom to go wherever they want. As we celebrate the 244 years of independence, let's remind ourselves and honor the fallen heroes that fought for this liberty that we are enjoying today.

It has been over a year since the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. We are now facing a new strain surge where transmissions are more dominant than ever. The difference from last year is that the virus strains have become more transmissible in some parts of the world, vaccines are being developed, and we have become more adept at implementing and adhering to safety protocols, including our own.

As we all know, Father's Day is quickly approaching, and our fathers deserve more than just accolades and recognition. Their efforts in getting food on the table and working hard to make ends meet are more valuable than gifts. Their impact on the growth and development of us as their children is the same as our mothers. 

Health investments are today considered a good investment. Social distancing seems to remain forever, like the coronavirus, and we can not blame health-conscious individuals for the traumatic experiences of the pandemic. Outside of the house, these hacks will reduce health anxieties and trauma while allowing you to socialize safely.