Protect Your Family from Gastroenteritis

Protect Your Family from Gastroenteritis!

It's important that you wash your hands every day. Did you know that bacteria in your stomach could make you sick? Gastroenteritis is a swelling of the stomach and intestines. A bacteria or parasite can all cause gastroenteritis. It is a relatively common condition that causes diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and other digestive symptoms. It is critical to keep an eye out for any signs in your children. Handwashing with soap and water is still the best way to prevent the spread of gastroenteritis. 
Floriography: The Language of Flower

The Language of Flowers: Ideas for Your Special Day

It's February now, so that means Valentine's Day is fast upon us. Have you made your plans yet? Who are you planning to spend the day with? What do you have planned? So in this blog, we’ve taken some time and compiled a list of some flowers that can be a starting point for your perfect confession. We at airDefender hope to wish you a very Happy early Valentine’s Day.
Cleaning hacks for every room in the house

Cleaning Hacks For Every Room In The House

Your house should be your most comfortable haven, making going home to a clean house one of the best ways to relax or unwind. We compiled this guide of our favorite cleaning hacks of what you can try to welcome a new clean & fresh to your home. airDefender® offers wide range of long-lasting antimicrobial products from those can be used on the human to those that can be used for home sanitization. 
airDefender Christmas Bucket List

A Christmas Bucket List

It's the most~ wonderful time~ of the year~ And it's coming in a few days—surprise! Soon, it’ll be Christmas Day, so what surprises do you have planned for this holiday? If you haven't thought of anything yet, maybe we can help with sparking some inspiration for a happy, healthy, and merry Christmas for you and your family! Here is our Holiday Bucket List, a holiday-oriented bucket list of the special things that can (and probably should) be done at least once in our lives.

How To Feel Better Before And After A Good Workout

How To Feel Better Before And After A Good Workout

Many people avoid working out because they believe it will cause them to break out or to avoid smelling and feeling sweaty. Meanwhile, for others, there might be discomfort once they think about just how many people they might have shared the machine with. Sure, some people probably had sanitized the machine after finishing their workout, but who’s to say the person right before did as well? 
Why Alcohol-Free Quantum Hand Sanitizer Is The Best For You And Your Sensitive Skin

Why Alcohol-Free Quantum Hand Sanitizer Is The Best For You And Your Sensitive Skin

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers only took off after the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) touted the efficacy of the product back in the early 2000s, specifically in the healthcare setting. But since then, alcohol-based hand sanitizers have become the leading standard when it comes to avoiding the transmission of germs through physical contact. 

A Proven Approach to Germ Protection That Is Not Handwashing

Can't wash your hands 24/7? Try This

How many times a day do you question whether you're safe when someone suddenly sneezes or coughs right next to you?
Being close to someone who does this without covering up can be aggravating, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, when any random coughing or sneezing can cause paranoia in the majority of individuals.
5 Skincare Ingredients

5 Skincare Ingredients That Every Woman Should Avoid!

You have red patches on your face, neck, and arms that are itchy or sore when you wake up. You're not sure what happened last night, or what you ate or drank to trigger these spots, acne, or allergies. Then you look at the skincare product you've been using and notice an unusual ingredient or a familiar compound that's causing your irritation. 
Tried-and-True Ways That People Do Against Body Odor

Tried-and-True Methods That People Use Against Body Odor That You Are Missing

Did you know that your nose protects you through smell? You will wonder how this tiny organ that is located at the center of your face could protect you and your health. According to Dr. Benninger from the Cleveland Clinic, an ENT specialist, "Smell and taste are necessary for safety. We need our smell to detect smoke, spoiled food, and some toxic poisons or gases."
Start A New Sanitary Movement This 2021

Start A New Sanitary Movement This 2021

2020 is almost over. We are entering the start of a new year, the people crave new things. People are now aware of the changes and trends happening in society, particularly when it comes to health and well-being. People can now access real-time information, thanks to the enormous influence of technology and social media.
Disposable Masks And The Quality Of Protection

Disposable Masks And The Quality Of Protection

This is not just about the disposable mask, but the attitude of the person on proper management and disposal. Carelessness, the lack of discipline, and concern for the environment become a habit that most people ignore. With tons of disposable masks used every day it has become difficult to fully implement the proper segregation..
How To Keep Our Faces Maskne-Free

How To Keep Our Faces Maskne-Free

Is your face irritated from wearing a mask? Are you showing signs of chafing with pimple-like bumps? You might be suffering from skin irritation caused by prolonged wearing of a face mask. The technology has dramatically caught up with the latest innovation. The awareness of wearing a mask every time we go out has become an integral part of our daily activities.