If there is one sport that unites many Hong Kongers - it's their love for football. Hoi King Sports Association among many football clubs in Hong Kong is proactive in competing in the local football arena. They are actively competing in Hong Kong's Third, Second, and now First Division with successive winnings prompting them to apply in the Hong Kong Football Association (HKFA).

Thank God it's spring! You know how the beautiful flower buds started to bloom after the chill winter. They're really a delight in the eyes. For all of us that have been in this pandemic, it's a breather to feel the sunshine again and go out without wearing those wool jackets and stuff especially the slippery slopes that you have to subdue during the snow —  springtime!

When it comes to shopping for healthcare products, you always look for the brand. The brand alone has an impact on the products you believed in. It's something you trust because it's already proven. It's worth knowing that there is an emerging brand that knows your skin better when it comes to the right antibacterial product and protection that you and your family needs.

There are many hand sanitizer dispensers in the market today due to the pandemic. Clueless on what to choose? We'll dive into the right product for you. I know, right? With many sanitizer dispensers out there, you might be wondering what should you use? What is the ideal hand sanitizer dispenser? Would it be more effective if it's in the gel form, or water-based?

Ever wonder how an atomizer works?  Atomization is the process of reducing particles into atoms. These are extremely small in quantity. They can only be split into finer particles by using an atomizer, thus, atomizer disinfectants are widely adopted by the healthcare industry for this reason. However, atomizers can be of different processes, thus, producing different outcomes. 

Every year, we tend to follow a biological cycle that starts from the beginning of the year. What better way to kick it off is making a new year's resolution? Have you organized a general cleaning that is often the case at the start of every year? We created some of the achievable and sustainable actions that will help you achieve a cleaner and greener home and a stress-free lifestyle.