5 Health Benefits Of Using A Natural Sanitizer That Will Remove Any Doubts You Have


5 Health Benefits Of Using A Natural Sanitizer That Will Remove Any Doubts You Have

Alcohol hand sanitizers are the leading standard when it comes to avoiding the transmission of germs through hand and surface contact. However, while it's efficient at killing pathogens and alike, alcohol has a major flaw which makes it its greatest weakness compared to its non-alcohol contenders. When the alcohol evaporates, germs will reemerge in the applied area on your skin until the next usage. That makes you open again to susceptible germ infection. Alcohol hand sanitizers only provide you with sporadic protection at best, and none at all once the alcohol has evaporated. As a result, there is an inadequate demand for hand sanitizers that can last longer than a few seconds or minutes and give you limited protection for the next few hours or more.

That's why there is a need for an active ingredient that will not absorb or evaporate from your skin but will remain on the applied area. One clinical and FDA-approved ingredient passed the test, which matched the lab result of an alcohol-based sanitizer but with an interesting feature. This ingredient is known as benzalkonium chloride. It's an active ingredient that doesn't dissipate, maintains a residual antibacterial component when applied, and will not pervade your skin. Its unique characteristic is that alcohol-free sanitizers leave a residual component that works in the background and lasts longer on the skin, so you won't have to reapply as frequently.

Alcohol-free vs Alcohol-based Sanitizer

airDefender products use the same ingredient and combine it with a patented technology solution using a process that harnesses light energy and titanium dioxide. Furthermore, airDefender has been on the market since 2003, delivering higher-quality sanitary solutions through improved coating technology and producing a longer-lasting product that can be used every day for pathogen and odor protection from head to toe. Here are some interesting facts about airDefender and why its high quality benefits your life and healthy living.

  1. It kills underarm odors. Usually, sanitizers are sanitizers, and they are only limited to eliminating 99.99% of germs. However, airDefender is more than the usual antibacterial mist spray. Use it after a shower and before hitting the gym, keeping your skin fresher than ever.
  2. It removes cigarette odor from your skin. A stinking odor leaves an unwanted smell inside the room and remains on your skin for an entire day, and that's a no-no. Using airDefender germ block protection lowers the chance of getting tobacco stink on your clothes and skin.
  3. It's natural and > 99% water. Its natural components are any source of light + Qdot green technology + non-toxic food-grade FDA approved ingredients. (BZK, TiO2).
  4. Reduce acne by cleaner daily facial and body hygiene. It reduces acne breakouts and rashes with its hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, and ethically-sourced ingredients.
  5. Water repellent. airDefender keeps you protected in the water this summer. It's a green solution that can not be easily removed by hand washing or daily cleaning. Instead, it remains on your skin and protects you from harmful microbes. It's your sunblock for germs.

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