It's the most~ wonderful time~ of the year~

And it's coming in a few days—surprise! Soon, it’ll be Christmas Day, so what surprises do you have planned for this holiday? If you haven't thought of anything yet, maybe we can help with sparking some inspiration for a happy, healthy, and merry Christmas for you and your family!

As the holiday season approaches, it’s difficult to not be excited about celebrating with your family, friends, and coworkers(?). Most restrictions have eased compared to last year, so this really is the year to do something truly new and special. Hence, here is our Holiday Bucket List, a holiday-oriented bucket list of the special things that can (and probably should) be done at least once in our lives.

Take a photo with Santa. (Or the closest alternative, a picture at the North Pole.)

Learn to ride a reindeer-pulled sleigh. (Or the closest alternative, just ride a reindeer without a sleigh.)

Prepare 12 gifts for 12 strangers who had touched or changed your life at some point. (Even if they have become someone closer than a stranger.)

Make 365 mini Christmas notes and give them to 365 people. (No, you don’t have to know or be close to all 365. But yes, you can do more than 365.)

DIY your gifts this year instead of just buying retail. (It’s the best way to show your care and love.)

Gift essential, purposeful items like sanitizers and other home goods. (Things with a purpose that’s not just self-satisfaction.)

Reuse or upcycle old clothes or objects to create your own unique Christmas decorations. (This is also a good way to preserve the memories behind the piece that can no longer be worn or used normally.)

Attend a local Christmas tree lighting ceremony. (Or the closest alternative, any local Christmas/holiday event. If you have a specific one you’ve always wanted to go to, go for it!)

✅ Create a hand-made snowman sanitizer holder. (Or the closest alternative, you can paint a holiday design on, just like painting a pumpkin.)

Bake your favorite Christmas cake. (Or, well, you can always try. We believe you!)

Go out and join a Christmas caroling group. (If you are looking for a nudge, make the decision to join the group that comes to your door.)

Kiss your loved one, under a mistletoe. (Or, well, you might want to confess and ask for consent first. Just saying.)


Did any of the activities on our list intrigue you to add to your own? Or have you already checked some of them already?

Well, regardless of what you have planned, remember to plan it out well so that you can happily check down your list safely. Because you are the most important. 

And if you’re going to have a people-heavy event, consider carrying a reliable quantum sanitizer to protect yourself from the possible infectious agents that will be abundant. airDefender - 10 hour active sustained protection for you, your family, and all that you care about.


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December 16, 2021

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