How many times a day do you question whether you're safe when someone suddenly sneezes or coughs right next to you? 

You and Everyone's Concern

Being close to someone who does this without covering up can be aggravating, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, when any random coughing or sneezing can cause paranoia in the majority of individuals. Moreover, you won't know whether you've actually been infected until you develop a fever or other symptoms, posing a threat to your health and that of everyone around you during the time between. Then, similarly, as the fall season approaches, flu season is also nearing, and so you will also be more likely to come down with the flu or a cold as a result of these types of “interactions.”

On the other end, another type of interaction that is often a transmission of these illnesses - contact with hard surfaces. On a normal day, our hands would be touching different things thousands of times. We touch so many things that it is extremely easy to forget just how many opportunities we have had to get sick since it’s just so casual, so natural. However, hand contact is responsible for about 80% of all infections, so these are transmissions that we have to take “into our own hands” to prevent, even though we do it so unknowingly.  

Then, what are the options?

Touted Recommendation: The Hand Washing Routine - 

Handwashing is one of the most efficient strategies under the hand hygiene umbrella to reduce the danger of microbes spreading, recommended by the CDC to be done in schools, offices, and at home when you get home from work. Handwashing is certainly hygienic, but may pose a long-term hazard to your skin. Moreover, just how often are you supposed to wash when you’re outside, at school or at work? There are so many places where handwashing isn’t convenient or it just impossible!

But let’s say you do wash your hands after every touch of a germ hotspot. In the long-term, overwashing will dry your skin from all the contact with the chemicals in the soap, which even if it doesn’t cause an allergic reaction, it will eventually irritate your epidermis and lipids, causing an overall decline in your quality of life.

But, what are the alternatives? Is there really some other way?

Alternative 1: The Hand Sanitizer Routine - 

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the touted alternative by the CDC in cases where one does not have access to soap and running water. However, while alcohol sanitizers can be portable, it is also a well-known fact that its germ-killing effect is temporary. Within a few seconds, the alcohol will dry and its antiseptic effect will evaporate along with it, just like that in a snap. It isn't a long-term protection that you can rely on in a bacteria-ridden environment.

So why should you have to use a sanitizer that doesn't provide you with adequate germ protection? Do you really want to smell that antiseptic sting all the time, through the day, with its artificial scent similar to that found in soaps and bleach, which also has that bitterness if you accidentally gave it a taste? Why should you have to choose and use such a solution that has all these characteristics you dislike when there are other options without them?

Yes, there are options that care about you and what you care about, options that can do more than what alcohol sanitizers can do, lasting longer too!

Alternative 2: Say Hello to the airDefender Patented Natural Solution 

The airDefender® natural sanitizer is a patented green technology solution that eliminates germs in less than a minute while providing antibacterial protection for up to 10 hours. And, there's more. It is created based on advanced scientific research with the health and environment in mind, part of which can be seen through its ethically obtained natural components, making it alcohol-free, toxin-free, and ROHS certified.

The Qdot patented green technology maximizes the efficacy of the coating solution by using a natural catalyst found in nature, meaning it can protect you from germs that will be flying through the air after someone sneezes or coughs, killing them before they penetrate your skin, for longer than just washing hands or using alcohol sanitizers. The airDefender solution has been tested and shown to kill 99.9% percent of germs, like any standard alcohol-based hand sanitizer, while also having a deodorizing effect that can eliminate noxious gases and odors from your body, allowing you to feel fresher and more uplifted.

✔ - Consider Adding Something New To Your Routine On Top Of Handwashing

Hand hygiene does not have to be just handwashing, and keeping germs at bay cannot be achieved by only covering your mouth with a handkerchief or disposable mask. There is always a more effective and proven approach to protecting yourself, your family, and your coworkers without having to go through the plethora of regimens that will expose you to additional toxins and stress. Even if you want to be hassle-free, you don’t have to settle with just a moment of being safe, you can be hassle-free (and actually, potentially even more so) with a longer, better germblock.

Try our Natural Sanitizing Solution today or decide to learn more about why our solution can help you. Let us show you why we can protect you better!

August 26, 2021

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