Disposable Masks And The Quality Of Protection


Disposable Masks And The Quality Of Protection

Conservationists had warned the public that the improper disposal of the disposable masks could cause a major crisis in the marine ecosystem. With tons of disposable masks used every day, it has become difficult to fully implement the proper segregation of these floating-like jellyfishes scattered across the seabed. One could easily determine the cause of this water pollution fiasco which originated from the pandemic. However, this is not just about the disposable mask, but the attitude of the person to proper management and disposal. Carelessness, the lack of discipline, and concern for the environment become a habit that most people ignore.

It is estimated that there are about 13 million tons of plastic waste that go into the sea each year according to the 2018 UN Environmentalists. This means that disposable masks are included in the category. Years from now, the existence of marine life could suddenly be wiped out because of these plastic materials that stay on ocean beds and landfills for 450 years. Due to the industrialization and the convenience of the disposable mask, the demand for this material rose enormously when the pandemic hit the United States, Europe, China, and its neighboring countries.

The Benefit Of Masks For Protection 

Infectious diseases are easily transferred through openings like our eyes, nose, and mouth. The use of a mask to cover the mouth and nose as a means of keeping germs became mandatory protection for medical workers due to the Manchurian plague in 1910-11 and the influenza pandemic of 1918-19. Fast forward, many product innovations such as face masks, cotton masks, surgical masks, and the N95 mask are readily available everywhere. The demand for face masks has increased for the following reasons:

Lower spread of the disease – Studies looked at the death cases due to coronavirus across 198 countries and they found that the mortality rate in countries with the mandatory wearing of a mask is less compared to those who have no definite mask protocols.

Lower the transmission – Probably the most essential benefit of wearing a mask is the rate of transmission has lessened dramatically. Wearing a mask along with the other protection measures really worked. Citizens also participated in the awareness by urging people in their community to wear face masks whenever they go out to protect their families from taking home the virus.

Convenience during the critical time – Time is vital as more cases were reported at the start of spreading in the United States last January of this year when there was still no mandate for wearing a mask. However, with the convenience of buying a mask in the grocery and drugstores as a first defense against the outbreak, it started to show a decline.

 Shortage In Disposable Masks For The Frontliners

At the start of the pandemic, there had been issues of face masks and PPE shortages due to the hoarding of these items, panic buying, and misuse that escalated the effect of the global demand. Alcohols and hand-sanitizers were also doubled in price due to the lax government protocols of these items in the market. At the start of the outbreak, WHO has so far shipped nearly half a million sets of personal protective equipment to 47 countries. Based on their modeling, approximately 89 million medical masks are required for the COVID-19 response each month. With the PPE shortages faced by many hospitals particularly face masks, many hospitals sanitize and reuse face masks which causes safety issues for the public.

Given the urgency, the FDA approved the cleaning method for emergency use. Safety concerns were raised about how many cleaning cycles the face mask needs for reuse. Some companies could sanitize the reused face masks and their cleaning methods were a success, including the use of UV light for cleaning. That being said, donation drives were created to support the growing demand and the lack of PPEs in the market. Both private and public sectors worked on campaigns that give awareness of wearing a mask at the same time, urging them to help by showing their support through donating.

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