The COVID-19 pandemic was a nightmare to all from large corporations to small businesses, leading many to bankruptcy or forced reductions to mitigate the impact of losses. The resounding effects to the major business sectors were things global leaders hadn’t previously anticipated when considering public health crises. Companies are gradually recuperating from the economic fallout brought by the pandemic.
However, while some companies are simply coping and trying to recuperate themselves from the economic fallout, others have emerged with determination and focus to revive the dwindling economy, making collective action to spearhead their way through the pandemic by innovating. One such effective innovation is the partnering between airDefender HK and the Star Ferry, a collaboration that was inked by both companies last November through the sponsorship of Eco Oil Company Ltd. 

AirDefender International Co. Ltd. was hailed as one of the top emerging brands by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (BDC) in 2020. Meanwhile, the Star Ferry Company has awards on its belt including the Hong Kong Smoke-Free Leading Company Gold Award in 2017 and the Certificate of Excellence in 2018. This partnership was fueled by these two companies' focus on healthcare innovation and sustainable solutions.

The Star Ferry Company And AirDefender HK Collaboration

The Star Ferry Company And AirDefender HK Collaboration

The Star Ferry has been a longstanding major cross-harbor ferry operator in Hong Kong even since before the pandemic outbreak, having operated and facilitated travel between the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for more than 120 years with piers located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, and Wanchai districts. This remarkable icon of Hong Kong’s transportation system has even received a citation from National Geographic Traveler as one of the "50 crossing places of a lifetime".
As one of the forefront companies aggressively fighting within the coronavirus climate, Star Ferry has adopted several health and hygiene protocols to alleviate their passengers' risks and worries that arose due to the pandemic, which had made a major dent in ferry operations in Hong Kong. With the help of Eco Oil Company, Star Ferry introduced the airDefender photocatalyst coating to their major vessels and fleet, while also applying the airDefender technology to the three Star Ferry harbors. This coating application was administered to the company’s public areas, including the ports, elevators, handrails, lobby, washrooms, waiting lounge for the water tours, staff washrooms, and other backend employee work areas. Meanwhile, airDefender hand sanitizers were also placed near token vending machines for passengers to use.


AirDefender’s 365 Days Solution

AirDefender has been among Hong Kong’s local leading brands in hand sanitizer and disinfection, having been in the nanotechnology industry in Hong Kong since 2003. In the present day, their NASA-researched TiO2 Quantum-dot Photocatalyst Technology has already received accolades and a warm welcome for using the natural nanocrystal titanium dioxide with the use of UV light after partnering with independent international laboratories to ensure and confirm that their products are safe under foods, drugs, and cosmetics criteria.

The technology applied to the Star Ferry was the patented airDefender 365-days solution, which requires only one yearly application and it will be able to effectively remove resistant bacteria, formaldehyde, TVOCs, and dust for the entire year, transforming these elements into harmless byproducts. The distinction is that it can protect surfaces that typically used ordinary solutions cannot handle.

Several case studies have shown how the 365-days solution reduced the rate of infection in different settings. In schools, hospitals, public places, and public transport systems, the treated surface produced an outstanding result in eliminating the rate of infection by up to 95%. The natural coating works as a barrier in an aqueous form, enabling it to stay longer while doing its objective – disinfection. The coating aspect prolongs the effect of its antibacterial ingredient, allowing the antibacterial ingredient to effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria by killing the germs immediately, working faster than it can spread. Moreover, due to the uniqueness of the coating, it is also self-cleaning in the sense that it is resistant to other cleaning products, meaning that the coating's protective property would not be affected at all after the solution is applied and dried.

AirDefender’s 365 Days Solution

This successful partnership brought new opportunities, built relationships, and future innovation among Hong Kong’s environmentalists and conservationists companies. airDefender has since protected over 180,000 households and public transportations all over the world.

Together with their innovative convenient solution utilizing the same technology, they developed a sanitizing mist that creates a germ barrier against microbes. It's FDA-registered and dermatologists recommended safe for human skin, safe enough even for kids and pets. The company is a global solution now available in the US market and over 15 other countries around the world. You can buy the science meets nature cleaning solution in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, and the UK to name a few. airDefender is also available in some of the South American markets.

November 19, 2020

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