The world was put into chaos when we were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. People have been struggling for months to find solutions while trying to stay safe from the coronavirus. The global economy was hit so hard that even well-known brands suffered, and some were forced to close their doors.

While vaccines are underway, massive layoffs and huge profit losses continue to put a dent in the already collapsing US economy. Wall Street’s second-quarter report recorded its steepest drop in economic output. A lot of big companies are downsizing. Some are leaving only the essential jobs needed at this difficult time.

Even its economic counterparts in the world are facing a massive economic upheaval. Hong Kong, for example, has been warned that the coronavirus crisis is putting additional strain on the government. Financial Secretary Paul Chan said that the COVID 19 surge is really worrying as it has taken its toll on the economy. 


The Threat In Hong Kong - airDefender USA

The Threat In Hong Kong

Hong Kong was among the first countries to face the dreaded effect of the deadly outbreak. Initially, it was thought that they had managed to keep the virus at bay.

However, due to the lack of foresight and the economic strain during the quarantine, it showed, yet again, another failure in Hong Kong’s sanitation and disinfection department. The government failed to respond quickly enough to stay ahead of the deadly virus, which was facing not only the second, but also the third wave of infection.

Hong Kong Vs The World

Notwithstanding its efforts to contain the virus, Hong Kong reviewed its strategy for the on-going crisis. Classes were suspended, and face-to-face interactions between schools were not permitted.

The government implored Hong Kongers to avoid external activities like casual trips, urging them to stay home as the third wave of infection escalates and new cases are untraceable.

With stricter protocols for social-distancing and quarantine measures, and stronger restrictions for businesses, dining-in is prohibited, and the wearing of face masks and face shields has become compulsory.

Despite Hong Kong’s predicament, its government remained optimistic and hopeful while following a stringent COVID protocol. In order to combat the third wave of infection, the government implemented new cleaning and sanitation measures, with the government opting for an eco-friendly photocatalyst coating solution, beginning with the states and public transportation.

Hong Kong's Sanitation And Disinfection Coating Solution

Apart from fogging and other cleaning methods, Hong Kong now actively campaigns to improve protection from the outside to the inside. This means that sanitation and disinfection should begin in public places like schools, parks and malls, and in public vehicles like taxis and minibuses.

airDefender® is the brand that made the Hong Kong government's vision a reality. The sanitation and disinfection campaign began with taxis and minibuses, using the latest technology that uses visible light to kill germs and self-cleaning techniques.

These are the vehicles where the transmission of viruses and bacteria is likely to spread faster. That could double the infection rate in Hong Kong.

With the joint effort of taxi drivers and minibus groups, cleaning supplies were also allocated to the public transportation sector. The pack contains masks, gloves, disinfectant spray, and cleaning guidelines for taxi and minibus drivers. 

How It Works

Sanitation and disinfection are critical antidotes to pathogen transmission. This approach limits the worst-case scenarios of a possible outbreak, but instead, it curbs and isolates the problem in key areas. The process involves:


  • Securing permits and certification from the Hong Kong government.
  • Online registration by filling up important details for taxi and minibus drivers who want to get access for free.
  • Drop points are located in gas stations.
  • The airDefender®  crew will decontaminate the taxi using our patented cleaning technology - 365 Antibacterial Surface Protectant.
  • The process will take at least 20 minutes as the coating solution needs to be spread precisely to ensure its effectiveness.
  • We served over 8000 Hong Kong taxis.
  • Lastly, the taxis and minibuses will be protected for 365 days with the aid of our coating solution.


The Future In Photocatalysis Coating - airDefender USA

The Future In Photocatalysis Coating 

The “new normal” has become a regular routine for everyone. airDefender patented technology utilizing self-cleaning, antibacterial and antiviral activities has assisted in sanitation, disinfection, and self-cleaning methods.

This indicates that technology is advancing rapidly and more discoveries are starting to emerge. To assist the public, all key areas in Hong Kong and the United States will soon be equipped with cleaning robots, full-body disinfection counters, and routine decontamination drop points.

Amidst all the expanding numbers of different ailments discovered nearly every year, there will be more reservations and ambiguities in the future. However, we must understand the importance of self-protection against the world of microbes, and we must be prepared to take action to find curable solutions.

Photocatalysis is a promising technology. Our patented green solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mildew, stains, and TVOCs. With a long-acting antibacterial formula, we ensure the family and the community’s germblock protection.

We continue to produce valuable, natural products and materials with extraordinary photocatalytic activities. Anti-dust mite outputs and a full-effect protection network help to create a healthy, habitable environment.


October 07, 2020

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