Many things happened beginning from the first quarter of this year. People have celebrated some of their most intimate personal occasions at home. Weeks from now, two primary festivities – Thanksgiving and Christmas season will come, and everyone will be busy again shopping for the holiday vying for that perfect gift they want to receive or give. Another reason is the Black Friday Sale that attracts thousands of American shoppers. However, this season also reminds you to keep your credit card and bank accounts checked not to be shocked by your next bill. Online shopping has received enormous traction during the pandemic, and you will likely see most of the shopping is digital.

What Is The Essence Of Gift Giving During Pandemic

Whether it’s a pair of sneakers, a new skincare product, a new shade of lipstick, new gadgets and fitness devices, clothing, and so much more, you would end up confused and undecided about the gift you want to give to your boss, friends, office mates, and loved ones. A personalized gift is also worth mentioning as it has an additional sentimental value. However, what’s the most essential gift you can give during this trial time?

 airDefender Makes A Convenient Gift For The Family

Intimate gatherings like these holidays are something everyone is looking forward to. It’s the only time that you can catch up with your distant relatives that you aren’t able to see for a year or two. It’s also the only time of the year when you have a get-together parties with your childhood or senior high school friends. It’s important that during these times, you will also be needing protection that will meet the demands of everyone including your whole family. airDefender is the right choice with its long-lasting, 10-hour natural sanitizer face and body spray, keeping you and your loved ones safe by eliminating 99.9% of pathogens, and reducing germ contact.

airDefender Makes An Everyday Wearable Face Mask On Christmas Shopping

The moment you stepped out of your homes you are making yourself prone to the airborne bacteria that may come in contact with your skin or your clothes. Holidays are sure a crowd-pleaser as it invites crowd and social gatherings. Being able to wear an all-day mask like the airMask could lessen the possible transmission from sneezing or coughing from an unsuspected or asymptomatic patient. It can also protect your face and upper respiratory without any discomfort.

airDefender Is Portable For That Holiday Getaway

These times of the year also bring everyone closer together or oftentimes, the only opportunity for your family to spend the holiday outside the USA. Why not give the travel size airDefender Natural Quantum Sanitizer Spray to your relatives or friends who are planning to spend the holiday overseas? Regardless of the size, you are still giving them the germ block protection you and your family are enjoying. That’s cost-effective and a portable deodorizer against odors and hydration for your face, hands, and body.

Level up the Clean Game this Yuletide - airDefenderUSA

airDefender Offers A Germ Block Bundle Deal To Keep Everyone Safer This Holiday

If you can give them the face mist spray, why not give the whole set as a bundle? This gift set makes a great gift this holiday season. airDefender doesn’t come lacking in giving every household the ultimate protection gift. Antibacterial products that come with hydrating and deodorizing properties that are loved and trusted by millions, and safe for your skin and children. You can now give to your boss, friends, and loved ones at a fraction of the cost. A great value of $106 is now $89.

The essence of giving the best gift to your loved ones, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any occasion, is not just about practicality, an online shopping spree, or displaying expensive signature items. 2020 has been a challenging and most stressful year to date not just for you but also for your health and your skin's health. The most significant thing you can give them is to keep them living, hydrated, germ-protected, and staying healthy for the years ahead. airDefender® products can light-up and provide extra value and protection for the people who will receive it as a gift or as a company holiday souvenir. Aside from these gifts, you prioritize their health, you make them feel protected for 24 hours, you give them a quality sanitizing solution that doesn't affect their daily skincare regimen, not just happiness and the joy of sharing.

October 29, 2020

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