When it comes to protection, it can be easy to neglect the basics. With the pandemic that has paralyzed a number of economies and the health risks involved here and there, sometimes we may settle for a reusable face mask as our regular face-covering without knowing that it could also cause acne or discomfort later on. So, what other options are there? How do we decide which one is best?


Vented face mask, N95 mask, surgical mask, designer face mask, kids' face mask and a cotton face mask. Name it. We learn about these masks from friends or read about them on Google. But how will we know the use of these face masks or what type we need for ourselves?

Different face masks function individually. They are all face-covering masks that shield our faces against direct contact with the transmission, but the difference will rely on the quality and the purpose of each.

N95 Mask – This name evokes a sense of dread, as if the world is in chaos or we are being invaded by a powerful source. Forget about fear or an invasion, but this is the most reliable mask used in medical settings.

This mask is an APR or air-purifying respirator that is certified by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The purpose of this facial covering is to eliminate 95% of smoke particles. It has the ability to protect us from microbes in the air. Nevertheless, it does not filter out toxic gases, vapor, or even the smell of smoke.

Surgical Mask – Have we examined the face covers worn by doctors, nurses, or any medical professionals? It is normally in the shade of green and white in the opposite direction. A surgical mask is expected to be worn by these people during surgeries and any healthcare procedures.

Unlike the N95 mask, this disposable mask is created to prevent any infection between the patient and the health worker by the transmission of viruses and bacteria through the droplets discharged in the air. It shields the eyes and nose because these parts are the openings for these pathogens to access the body. Also, this is a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) standard mask graded by the industry.

Face Mask – This mask is made from polyester fabric, cotton and other textile fabrics. Most of these face coverings incorporate fashion and style into the mind when they are created. With the fashion mask campaigns and the resurgence of facial masks due to the pandemic, this is indeed the most convenient, readily available mask that everyone can afford or personally use, since it is an easy face mask, a DIY homemade project.


Most of the face masks we will obtain on the market are generic. They are so similar that we have to change them every day due to the stains and odor they leave on the mask. Also:

  • They are all one size.
  • They do not have an adjustable ear loop or a nose wire.
  • It gets wet once our sweat starts to accumulate on the outer covering.
  • Some fabrics irritate the skin, resulting in acne and breakouts.
  • It stores moisture where bacteria thrive, causing oil and dirt to clog the pores.
  • It is a hassle because we need to change our masks every day.

Wearing a mask is like wearing protection. We won't know who is a carrier and who isn't with the pandemic and asymptomatic people.

  • Most face covers have permanent ear loops, so we have to accept them regardless of how loose or tight they are.
  • If it is loose, there is no reason to wear it because it will not achieve its purpose.
  • If it is tight, it will leave a mark on the face, and possibly, it will block the pores.
  • According to the CDC, we have to maintain at least a distance of six feet and avoid having direct contact with strangers, especially with those whom we observe being sick.
  • When removing our face mask, it is important to wash our hands immediately with soap. Avoid touching our faces if we have not washed them.
  • Use airDefender® Natural Quantum Sanitizer Spray because it does not contain ethanol that is strong enough to irritate our skin nor methanol that will harm our health, causing methanol poisoning.

When washing our face masks, it is important to use a germicidal detergent powder to protect our kids and families. The general rule is that we should wash our face mask after each use every day. However, because airMask® contains an antimicrobial coating solution, we do not need to wash our face masks as frequently.

It gives us more time to focus on our family while providing us with immediate protection, so we do need to worry about rare occasions such as running an errand, grocery shopping, or going to the drugstore.


With all of the hype and campaigns aimed at combating the pandemic, the CDC, as one of the pioneers of proper mask wear and usage, has emphasized the importance of adhering to their guidelines in order to avoid transmission and help the community.

  • When going out in public, the CDC advises Americans to wear face coverings or cloth masks.
  • Wearing a face mask proves to prevent any transmission, which lessens the infection rate in the public.
  • Similarly, because it contains bacteria inside the sick person's mask, it helps to reduce the likelihood of contracting any illnesses.
  • The CDC established guidelines for who is eligible to wear a mask and at what age a person should wear a facial mask.
  • If a person does not have to run an emergency errand outside, staying home is arguably the best preventive measure.


During an outbreak, it is important to know the availability of any products. For instance, face masks have been essential during the pandemic. America is facing a shortage of PPEs, like face masks, gowns, face shields, and other essential items. Health care workers are forced to reuse their PPEs, which results in contamination and transmission for some.

With the scarcity of essential items like a face mask, there is an alternative way of producing this PPE and that is by making a DIY, homemade facial mask. Using cotton fabric materials, anyone can create and sew their own personalized mask. Ordinary people can use and wear this alternative mask while doctors and nurses are given priority for medical-grade supplies such as surgical masks.


Nowadays, the advantage of a face mask compared to N95 and surgical facial masks is not just about customization and comfort. Bioengineers have tweaked regular face masks and improved them by using the latest technologies available. That being said:

  • Our product uses an antimicrobial coating solution using the magic of science and our self-cleaning technology. This technology enables our cotton facial mask to repel water as each droplet glides smoothly on the surface of the mask. Each of our masks features a coating technology that makes them sweat and water resistant.
  • The coating solution is eco-friendly and it does not create friction on the skin, which allows the face to breathe instead of causing reactions leading to acne breakouts and other discomfort caused by the face mask.
  • Our product also employs the wonder of Silvadur™ Technology, which eliminates odor and harmful elements caused by bacteria, oil build-up, and perspiration, leaving soft skin without clogging the pores.
  • It has ear loops and a nose wire that makes it adjustable depending on the proportion of the face. This makes it comfortable to wear and fits perfectly into the curves of the chin.
  • It has filter pockets that effectively filter out dirt and germs, so the air we breathe remains clean and toxic-free.


Every day, the number of casualties in the pandemic is rising. What we can do is stay at home as much as possible. There are ways to be productive without working outside of our homes. There are online stores, courier services, and other errands that can be done online. This makes it easier for us, with the certainty of not contracting any illnesses.

Now that there are asymptomatic cases, it is impossible to not question the people in our neighborhood. Occasionally, there will be events that we will have to go out or unfavorable events that might occur, like a broken car, backyard repairs, snow shoveling, lawn mowing, etc., but there is a perfect tandem that will deliver immediate protection.

Our natural facial mist spray can be applied to the skin, protecting our upper respiratory systems against germs. It provides us with instant protection as it immediately kills the germs that were left by the patient. So, it kills these pathogens before we even touch them.

Using our all-day-wear airMask® to supplement it will provide a proven 10+ hours of protection shield, without any discomfort and acne-free skin.





August 26, 2020

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