Is your face irritated by wearing a mask? Are you showing signs of chafing with pimple-like bumps? You might be suffering from skin irritation caused by prolonged wearing of a face mask.

Technology has dramatically caught up with the latest innovations. The awareness of wearing a mask every time we go out has become an integral part of our daily activities. However, wearing a face mask for longer periods, not to mention the chill of the winter season, causes tremendous stress on our faces, leading to acne breakouts and dryness, often called maskne.

Maskne, also known as "mask acne," is the result of skin irritation, clogged pores, and bacteria on our faces as a result of wearing face masks for an extended period of time. The build-up of sebum, the oily and waxy substance that protects and hydrates the skin, can lead to oily skin. Too much secretion and the irritation caused by the face mask could lead to maskne

Different Causes Of Maskne

Irritated Skin - Maskne can be caused by different skin conditions. The redness and itchiness on your face brought by rosacea and contact dermatitis can ignite the formation of maskne.

Humidity - being outside can cause breathing and sweating, which traps moisture on the face mask. This makes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to thrive and clog pores.

Friction - Ordinary face masks are mostly made from materials that can irritate the skin. Look for a comfortable face mask made of 100% cotton. Cotton masks are superior to other fabric masks in terms of sweat, odor, and lack of friction that may cause irritation.

Chemicals - Some people experience flare-ups because they have sensitive skin. Allergies can be due to make-up ingredients, moisturizers, or over-the-counter skincare products that don't suit the type of skin. 

How To Treat Maskne Problem

Wearing a face mask is not just a protocol, but it keeps us away from possible transmission. It's still important to cover our faces and mouths using a sanitizing mist spray for an extra layer of invisible protection.

Regular Face Washing - The most effective habit we can form is to wash our faces every morning and before going to bed. This provides refreshment and protects our skin from the harsh elements of the day's work.

Use Non-Comedogenic Make-up Or Skincare Products - It's important that we are aware of the ingredients that we put on our faces. Avoid using products with ingredients that we are sensitive to and cause an allergic reaction.

Use An Antibacterial Face and Body Spray - The complete protection against germs. The application of sanitizing mist not only works to remove bacteria but unlike ordinary hand-sanitizers, the 10 hr antibacterial spray is an effective protectant of the upper respiratory that also hydrates and deodorizes the skin.

Wash The Face Mask As Often As Possible - It's important to keep our face mask clean not just by spraying face and body germ block spray, but also by keeping it laundry-cleaned.

Wear Comfortable And Adjustable Face Mask - Choosing a face mask like airMask is the most essential all-day wear facial cover because it doesn't just prevent transmission but it's also comfortable with adjustable ear loops and nose wire to free the face from discomfort, facial marks, and redness caused by tight masks. It lets you breathe freely without the obstruction of a mask.

Maskne can be prevented by taking extra precautions and knowing what the right skincare product, regimen, and material that is appropriate for our skin type is. The use of antibacterial face and body spray is proven to reduce germ contact and prevent transmission at up to a 95% bacteria reduction rate, which protects for up to 24 hours. Ideally, spray after a shower, before going out of the house, and even on top of make-up and other skincare products.

Keeping ourselves protected from germs and harmful radicals can greatly decrease the occurrence of maskne. Unlike ordinary hand-sanitizers, the use of green technology natural sanitizer refreshes and protects our faces, hands, and bodies. It kills the germs on our faces before they can irritate our skin. It deodorizes the body's odor and is even effective at reducing body odor, making it ideal for the entire family. Now those are qualities we can only find in airDefender products. 

December 17, 2020

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