Natural Solution To Fighting Smelly Pits


Natural Solution To Fighting Smelly Pits

Have you ever wondered why you have underarm odor? Don’t be worry, everyone has some level of underarm odor or general body odor. When the human body overheats, it sweats as a cooling mechanism and unfortunately, the sweat mixed with the bacteria that lives on your skin can cause a chemical reaction that comes off as an unpleasant odor.

It can be said that humans lived through smell, more so than any of the other senses. And as compared to the other senses, smell is the only one we have the least control of. So it is very natural for us to like pleasant smelling things and dislike any smell that is anything less. So it's kind of redundant to say that we at airDefender also love good-smelling things. However, at the end of the day, we're humans, we don't have an inherent control over our how our body naturally smells. And so that is why we seek other options to resolve this issue. 

In order to do that effectively, we have to first understand why such smells exist, which was actually how airDefender actually crossed paths with odor-control. But more on that later.

Let's first dive in and learn why you or others have odor, what can be done about it, and then how airDefender fits into this puzzle as a solution.

Why Do Armpits Smell?

Not to alarm you, but humans are covered with bacteria. This is natural and bacteria is just a part of life. In many cases, bacteria can be helpful, such as a certain ones that lives in your digestive system, helping you digest.

Your underarms are also home to multiple types of bacteria, that chose this home due to your apocrine glands there. Apocrine glands are sweat glands that can be found only in certain areas of the body. They are highly concentrated in the armpits, but can also be found in the groin and around the breast tissue. These glands secrete an oily compound, more commonly known as sweat (or well, one type or sweat. The other type is just water and salt). Moreover, these glands are sensitive to adrenaline, thus associating them with emotional sweating. If you have ever broken out into a sweat in a stressful situation, whether it's tension,  pain, or fear, that sweat was caused by the stimulation of your apocrine glands. When the sweat from your apocrine glands meets the bacteria in your underarms, those bacteria proceed to break down your sweat into scented fatty acids, producing odor as a byproduct.

To begin with, the warm, moist environment in your underarms is already the perfect home for a variety of bacteria to grow, so with the added sweat which is their favorite fuel, it's just like a busy open-air market. Here are some of the bacteria that are know to produce odors:

  • Micrococcus Bacteria. An exceedingly common type of bacteria, they can be found in water, dust, and soil. However, unfortunately for us sweaty humans, they thrive in the environment polyester clothes provide.
  • Staphylococcus Bacteria. These bacteria can be quite problematic. In fact, they are a common cause of infections related to invasive medical devices, and they are hard to treat with antibiotics. More often than not, when these bacteria show up, medical professionals wind up having to remove the medical device. But they can also be found in cotton and polyester fabrics.
  • Leptospirosis Bacteria. These bacteria are most typically found in both dog and rodent urine, which may already sound unpleasant on its own, but it gets worse. Because of where these can be found, this bacteria can be passed on to pet owners, potentially leading to illness.

How To Handle Stinky Bacteria - airDefender USA Difference

So What Can You Do?

The odor is cause by two things: the sweat and the bacteria. You can attack it from either angle. Typical deodorants attack it from the sweat side using antiperspirant ingredients with the assumption that if they stop the sweating then the problem is done. And this does work for some people, specifically those who inherently already sweat on the lesser side. But let's think about it some more, sweating is a natural mechanism to combat heat or as a reaction to stress, even if we chemically try to alter that, there's a limit. So it's not a solution for everyone, and moreover, maybe you or someone you know might be avoiding white clothes? Majority of the standard deodorants contain aluminum in their ingredients, known for staining clothes after reaction with sweat because the antiperspirant just isn't enough.

So it became necessary to attack odor at from the other direction, namely: bacteria. On this side, the idea is: sweat in itself is odorless, if we stop the bacteria from breaking down the lipids in the sweat, there would be no smelly byproduct. Therefore, there is the existence of antibacterial deodorant which combats the smell by getting rid of the bacteria. And that is where airDefender cross paths with body odor.

The airDefender Difference

The airDefender technology doesn't only target odor-causing bacteria, airDefender offers a comprehensive protection against 99.9% of germs because it is a sanitizing solution, specifically designed so you can use it on your entire body. It is this last aspect that it can deodorize body odors, whether it's from your underarms or other more sensitive areas. With our patented technology, we have taken it to a whole new level by creating a series of antibacterial products that can be applied to you and help you reduce and control odors all over the body. Our flagship item is the airDefender Natural Quantum Spray which can give you a sanitizing and deodorizing effect for 10+ hours. 

Some additional specific benefits of airDefender includes:

  • Sweat and water-resistant after application and drying. airDefender can continuously keep the presence of smelly bacteria at bay by creating a protective shield that kills germs and odors, a protective coating that wouldn't be affected even if you were to sweat it out or go for a swim. Meaning you can go about your life as usual, without having to worry about using sanitizers or deodorants again and again within the 10 hours. 
  • Does not stain or transfer. We've all been there. We roll or spray some fresh deodorant, put on a shirt, only to discover all of it has transferred over to become glaring tracks marking all over our clothing. Or maybe your favorite white shirt is stained yellow. Both can be such a pain to get out (if at all), they are unsightly, and in the latter case, your clothes are destroyed! With airDefender, you will never have to worry about deodorant marks ever again. We use eco-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients that are safe for you, your kids, your pet(s) and even on all types of fabric. Gentle on those and things you care about, tough on bacteria!
  • Mild to your skin. Skin irritation is no fun, and allergic reactions can be downright dangerous. It can be challenging to find antibacterial products that are both gentle and effective, but we are happy to tell you that your search is over! The eco-friendly, aluminum-free, and hypoallergenic ingredients we use to create airDefender make it a great choice for people with sensitive skin, but even if you don't have sensitive skin, this means you can use it long-term without it ever posing a problem, as compared to other antibacterial products.
  • Protects your nose and lungs. Bad odors are not just unpleasant. Sometimes the ammonia present in the bacterial breakdowns can physically irritate the nose and lungs. Fortunately, with how convenient and effective airDefender is, everything will be stopped at the source - no breakdowns, no ammonia!
  • Doesn’t smell like alcohol. Majority of antibacterial products rely on alcohol to kill bacteria, so to neutralize odor with an alcohol product, well  that's just replacing a foul-smelling odor with the stinging of alcohol which can be just as unpleasant. airDefender is alcohol-free and fragrance-free, making it a truly neutral choice for those who don't any added chemicals in their routine.
  • Animal-friendly. Pets odors may not depend on sweat the same way that human odors do, but the bacteria present in their urine can also lead to some incredibly unpleasant odors. airDefender can safely eliminate pet odor-causing bacteria just like those human odor-causing bacteria, which means that with our products both you and your four-legged friends will be left smelling great.
  • Cost-effective. Normally, deodorants or antiperspirants would take a lot of sprays to achieve protection against germs. airDefender, however, eliminates bacteria with just one spray and that one spray is enough for a long-lasting deodorizing and sanitizing effect. It doesn't just save you money because of the efficiency but also the fact it's a two-in-one product - it's a one-spray deodorant and a one-spray sanitizer. The sustainable ingredients that airDefender uses also means that more natural resources are saved so that we can leave our children and grandchildren a better and brighter environment to grow and lived in.

With airDefender, you can enjoy up to 10 hours of effectiveness. You can use the spray anywhere on your body, and you will instantly notice that any body odor would be gone. With certification that passed the acute eye irritation and oral toxicity test, airDefender is safe even when sprayed on the face and around the eye area, while also being nontoxic in case of accidental swallowing. AirDefender products are great for anyone who is looking for a gentle way to control body odor without replacing that odor with another stronger, chemical scent.

Try airDefender today and start wondering how you ever got by without it all the time before.

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