Did you know that your nose protects you through smell? You will wonder how this tiny organ that is located at the center of your face could protect you and your health. According to Dr. Benninger from the Cleveland Clinic, an ENT specialist, "Smell and taste are necessary for safety. We need our smell to detect smoke, spoiled food, and some toxic poisons or gases." The answer to "How?" lies in the nerve cells at the top of your nasal cavity that detects odors from the air you breathe in. These olfactory receptors then send signals through the neurons to your brain, alerting it if you encounter a whiff of a pleasant or unpleasant odor.

As titled, in this blog, we will focus on body odors. So, what precisely is the odor?

Is it because of some released secretion that there's such a strong smell? 

What makes causes all the differences between people?

How can it be controlled or eliminated? 

These might be some of the questions boggling your mind, especially if you smell them in areas of your body where it might be embarrassing or if you smell them on someone you care about and you're concerned.

You know sweat, right? Sweat is a liquid secreted by your sweat glands, where sweating is the body's natural mechanism of temperature regulation. These sweat glands are divided into two categories: eccrine and apocrine glands. Unlike the eccrine gland, which secretes water and salt, the apocrine gland forms in areas like your armpits throughout puberty. It is, in part, due to this reason that body odor seems to develop during the puberty years. It is because, during puberty, these apocrine sweat glands will start becoming more active. Moreover, the areas where they are are a natural habitat for bacteria to breed and grow.

In itself, sweat is composed mainly of proteins and fats, so it is generally odorless. The body odor part comes in when you have both sweat and the bacteria that live where you have these apocrine glands. When sweat reacts with the germs on the skin and in your sweat pores, the built-up bacteria develop and proliferate by degrading the proteins and fatty acids in the sweat, resulting in body odor.

So, unfortunately, these bacteria just thrive in your armpits, triggering an odor invasion. Moreover, the foods you eat and your body chemistry could also potentially affect these odors. So, you need to watch out for sulfur-containing ingredients such as cruciferous vegetables, asparagus, onions, garlic, curry, cumin, seafood, and alcohol because they decompose into hydrogen sulfide, which has a rotten egg odor. 

Therefore, to avoid the embarrassment or bother of body odor, you need to tackle the problem at its root cause: bacteria. Here are some tried-and-true ways (that aren't just covering up the smell or using antiperspirant) to keep your body odor at bay, making it possible that you or your loved one can smell good every day.

1- Take Your Daily Bath Using Antibacterial Soap

Regular baths or showers will help you wash away sweat and bacteria that cause odor, but using an antibacterial soap can make it doubly effective as it can eliminate the odor-causing germs slightly deeper than just washing the "loose" ones off, killing and putting a dent in their population.

Take your time to thoroughly wash sweat-prone parts of the body, such as the underarms and feet. Finish off by completely drying yourself to avoid bacteria from developing on your skin because most bacteria love nothing more than something warm and wet,

2- Live A Sustainable Lifestyle

Keep an eye on what you're eating. You are what you eat, what you eat affects your body in more than just the chemical, imperceptible level. So sulfur-containing foods should be avoided.

On the other hand, bacteria can quickly gather and multiply on used clothing that needs a wash (kind of like the same reason as the sweat there are "nutrients" on these clothes for them to use as fuel). Because of this, when they are not cleaned correctly (or at all), an unpleasant odor will remain. So make sure to wash your clothes on a regular basis and don't let them pile up.

Finally, back to sweat. Exercise regularly and drink enough water to restore it to your skin. Keep your temperature regulated and avoid sweat accumulation, which leads to a breeding ground for those pesky bacteria.


Tried-and-True Ways That People Do Against Body Odor That You Are Missing

3- Use A Patented Natural Sanitizer

Do a bit of both 1 and 2.

Use a sustainable, natural germblock like airDefender which removes not only the bacteria that flourish in your armpits but also the bacteria and toxins that thrive on your clothes. airDefender combats odors and specifically body odor with a two-prong method. It has a strong deodorizing effect that effectively eliminates foul odors because the technology can eliminate any organic free-agents such as toxins and chemicals. Meanwhile, on the sanitizing size, it can eliminate the odor-causing bacteria as well as 99.9% of other germs, with both effects lasting 10+ hours. 

So applying the airDefender quantum natural sanitizer in the morning or after showering, before going out can effectively keep you or your loved one odor-free no matter which type of body odor you or your loved ones are dealing with.

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