When we have the time to stop and think about it, it is truly amazing how far we've come in knowledge and technology, both due to the contributions by professionals of the past and the present. At times it may even seem as if the speed of progress has been picking up. Like nowadays, when revolutionary changes in the health sciences are coming in waves with the surge of accessible information. And this might well be true. In our present, information is within reach of many and so many benefit from it. 

Now focusing back on our present, it is precisely in challenging times like ours that knowledge and technology have great implications, as it is capable of affecting the health and safety of millions and billions worldwide. The implication makes it imperative that our curative solutions to also be based on knowledge and technology. But it is a race against time.


The use of catalysts has been a significant study in the scientific community, one that focuses on finding an effective enhancement for relevant and desired chemical reactions. In our field, dealing with antimicrobial properties, many different catalysts have been used and tested to broaden the scope, but it is one in particular that showed great potential, the titanium dioxide (TiO₂)-based photocatalysis.

The breakthrough was possible through the discovery by Kenichi Honda and Akira Fujishima, when it was found that it was possible to decompose water (HO) through electricity with the use of TiO₂; moreover, this reaction with TiO₂ only relied on light, making this a clean and cost-effective reaction. 

This idea led to the development of the possibility of breaking down any foreign organic material, such as bacteria, during which the coating property of the TiO₂ photocatalytic process was also identified. This result in itself was promising as it yielded a long-lasting self-cleaning effect for whatever the coating is applied. 

Following after was the issue of light, where initially, the TiO reaction required UV light to activate the decomposition process. Moreover, the UV-light reaction was less than ideal for decomposing foreign matter. Thus to increase the effectiveness of the photocatalysis, the development of visible light-responsive (VLR) TiO₂-based catalyst began.


The impressiveness of TiO lies in its incredible benefits. TiO photocatalysis can be utilized to heighten the production of hydrogen from water, the purification of air and water, while also being able to break down any organic compounds - like bacteria and viruses. These benefits are very promising and can be used to better the standard of living around the world, sustainably.

For example, the self-cleaning effect is one of the greatest utilization of the titanium dioxide photocatalyst. The concept was then extended, to be utilized on being applied to facilitate a "living" building. Through titanium dioxide that reacts to UV light, the photocatalytic barrier created would decompose the dirt, formaldehyde, and pollutants through oxidation. A process that would also release negative ions into the air to fight airborne viruses and bacteria.


With the fast-pace research and development in science and technology, tons of breakthroughs have received enormous accolades, especially in the field of nanotechnology, and corporations have heavily invested to maximize the potential of these nanomaterials. A great leap was achieved through the introduction of nanotechnology’s miracle molecules called semiconductor nanocrystals, or as they are often referred - “quantum dots”.

The discovery of quantum dots led to robust scientific research due to its wide range of applications across different industrial sectors. The magic happens in the unique optical effects when the semiconductor nanoparticles change size. As its size changes, the color emitted also takes on a distinctive variety of shades. With this property, these nanoparticles can be attached or incorporated in biological materials as a way of creating a distinct identification. Some governments have also utilized this benefit in inks and polymers found in their paper currencies as a way to detect counterfeiting.

Meanwhile, emerging industries employ the quantum dot technology as a label in biological materials in humans and animals for research purposes. How? By injecting it into cells or attaching it to protein molecules to identify, label, and track specific biomolecules.


The smaller the size of the quantum-dot nanoparticles, the more effective it would be; and airDefender have invested research into this quantum dot technology to create an effective solution for modern hygiene needs.

Using an average particle size of 5-8 nm for the quantum photocatalyst, we created a solution that attacks harmful pathogens more effectively. Germs are everywhere, and being microscopic, it is near impossible to know when you are being exposed to potential illness. Thus the threat of potential illnesses is inevitable, but there are precautions that can be taken to further safety.

Air and object surfaces are the breeding grounds of the microbes. Often, what we think we cleaned and sanitized is simply not enough and does not guarantee any strong amount of protection; thus, leaving a footprint of communicable disease behind. However, there is a solution that will guarantee our safety that could last for 12 to 18 months on surface objects or 10+ hours of immediate protection, both protective against airborne microorganisms.

With its photocatalytic disinfection, airDefender releases negative ions that disinfects most harmful contaminants on treated surfaces.


We know that when it comes to the antibacterial and antiviral solutions, you should never have to settle. With the ongoing crisis compromising our health, our family, our job security, and our finances, it is right for you to take protection seriously. And as evident by the many related brands on the market, it shows that it is being taken seriously. Which was also how the seed of airDefender was planted back in 2003.

It was with this seriousness in mind that we are now trusted brand accredited by NASA, owing to our patented quantum photocatalyst technology. With this technology, we have partnered with top-tier international independent labs for a common cause: eradicating the very existence of the pathogenic threats, present and future.

We have partnered and currently still have partners in countries such as the UK, China, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Our products are tested under the strictest international standard and proven as an effective preventive coating solution that can eradicate any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, VOCs, urine and feculent odor, while also effective in killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on any objects; bacteria and viruses such as:

  • Sars-2 Coronavirus
  • Salmonella
  • H1N1 Influenza Strain
  • Listeria
  • E. Coli
  • Legionella
  • MRSA
  • Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Moreover, airDefender has also shown to produce a significant reduction of any cross-infection in hospitals and public places according to the American Journal of Infection Control.


With our incredible track record, we are can provide you and your family the same level of protection, becoming the shield for you and those you care about. 


AirDefenderUSA® is the leading company in using the TiO₂ Quantum Photocatalyst Technology and has achieved the full potential of the advanced protective coating system, incorporating it into even our everyday products for the individual family's use. It is through this that we continue to strive to make the world a better, healthier place, one household (like yours) at a time.

AirDefender's flagship product is the airDefender solution, with the standard size being the 10 Hr Natural Quantum Spray, which can shield your skin for a longer-lasting protection, particularly useful when you have to be out and about most of the day without much time to stop to a handwashing, or that handwashing isn't really possible at all. Like mentioned, this is because the product formed a protective layer that is wash and sweat resistant. This means:

Grabbing the handle of the trolley? It's okay.

Paying with cash or receiving something from others? Completely fine.

Running our hands through our hair? No worries.

Meanwhile, as for the other potential entry point for germs: your nose and mouth. we offer the airDefender airMask®. While our quantum spray is effective for any part of your skin, your nose and mouth are cavities that wouldn't be able to be coated. So we offer the airMask to protect them against the harmful airborne radicals and pollutants in the air. This is your safety net for when you're in a rush and forgot to distance yourself.

Moreover, the airMask, with its 3-ply level of gauze PPE cotton and filter pocket inside the fabric, it works very similarly to the airDefender spray. The airMask too is coated, but with the Silvadur® technology, which is the same concept as airDefender but applied to textiles. With this technology, the airMask fights odors and germ build-up, just like your skin would with the use of the 10 Hr Natural Quantum Spray. 


Public places are the breeding grounds of pathogens. With different types of people we meet at the subway, in the corridors, on the school playground, at the railway station, inside the malls, or even in our kitchen at home, you deserve protection from all the microbial invasions. With airDefenderUSA® Advanced Antibacterial Solution, you and your family's safety and health as well as others can be ensured. The main thing is, airDefender will allow you and you family to feel safe and protected without having to go through the hassle of drastically changing your lifestyle, a rarity today.



June 04, 2022

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