When People Stop Using Hand-Sanitizer Because...


When People Stop Using Hand-Sanitizer Because...

We frequently hear our moms tell us to wash our hands with soap and water, particularly when we play outdoors or even before a meal. Who would not? This is something natural when we grow up with protective parents.

People may say, "They simply love us and want to keep us safe from sickness and disease." It is undeniably true, and we are not using it against them.

On some occasions, most notably when we are traveling or if there is an unfortunate event that happens, for example, we are stuck in a desolate place. These are inconveniences that could befall anyone.

There will be circumstances where there will be no washroom accessible, and we just want to thank the hand-sanitizer that is so handy we want to spill it all over our hands.

However, some people have an allergy to alcohol-based products like sanitizer. So, what should be done?


Water alone solely removes the visible dirt on our hands. When examined in UV light, it is shocking to see a number of microbes appear on our hands. These are pathogenic, and most of the time, they can be fatal if we do not wash them with antibacterial soap or antimicrobial wipes.

Hand sanitizers are our go-to quick fixes, but what if we belong to the unusual group of people who aren't fond of alcohol? What does it mean?

Allergies occur when the immune system has an unexpected reaction to a foreign substance. These foreign substances can be dust on surface objects or inhalation, pollen, venom from bees, scales, and the fur of various pet animals or even foods such as nuts – which, by the way, are generally harmless.

These are called allergens that trigger an allergic reaction. For someone whose allergy is triggered when applying a hand-sanitizer, it does not significantly indicate that the person is allergic to sanitizers or disinfectants. It might be because of one of the components inside the sanitizer, such as the large content of ethanol or fragrance chemicals.

At least 60% of alcohol is required in sanitizers to destroy these microbes. When our immune system triggers a toxic resistance to alcohol, this is referred to as alcohol sensitivity. It is very unusual and it can be life-threatening.


Symptoms vary from person to person. However, there are key indicators that can be used to determine whether a person has an allergic reaction to alcohol-based sanitizers.

At least, some of these symptoms are evident.

  • Inflammation
  • Itching and itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Sore, dry skin
  • Hands are swelling up, cracking, or peeling

There is also a determinant wherein the allergic reaction in the sanitizer is triggered by different miscellaneous ingredients such as perfume and dye. Therefore, washing with soap or a soap-free liquid is likewise to be regarded as an alternative. In most cases, consulting the doctor once there is a symptom of response is highly recommended.


It is rare to have an allergy to alcohol-based sanitizers or alcohol spray disinfectants, although discovering an alternative is extremely possible. Not all hand sanitizer pumps are based on alcohol. In earlier decades, there were developments in the raw materials found in cosmetics.

The use of organic materials and quantum particles has been a game-changer. Almost all face and body regimens, such as facial mist sprays, contain materials and deodorizing protection features.

And identifying that the natural quantum sanitizing spray possesses all certain positive contributing factors would be a generous deal. Employing sanitizing facial mist means we get:

Advanced Antimicrobial Solution. Concerning health, it remains our primary interest. Would it be great that the air we breathe was free from formaldehyde and several harmful compounds?

What when inhaled can cause a long-term negative effect, cancer-causing elements, and other complex internal diseases? Who would not desire a product that boosts the welfare of their body?

Real Testimonies of Happy Customers. Trusting the brand implies that it is efficient and faithful to its integrity. airDefender is not based on rumors. Instead, it simply shares facts that are plus factors for those who value this crucial aspect.

"To see is to believe" is not merely a mantra, but we understand it by heart, and it is evident in the benefits of the natural facial mist spray as opposed to the products of competitors.

Fewer Concerns. Anxiety can affect our self-esteem and images. Once it is sprayed on the face, on the body, and even on the cover of our clothes, we will not worry because it eliminates germs, and is free from any airborne bacteria. Subsequently, we know we are heavily protected.


People know that a product without a result is merely for entertainment. When it comes to the quality of the product, we do not simply examine the brand name. Getting positive reviews gives us the exceptional sense that we aspire to strive more and continue to progress. It would not have been possible without the support of these loyal customers who believe in the products.

"They do not irritate my skin, no smell, and no sticking. They are also refreshing on a hot summer day". - Tess

"They do not irritate my skin, no smell, and no sticking. They are also refreshing on a hot summer day". - Tess

 She chose our airDefender sanitizing face and body spray because it is one of the few products that is eco-friendly.

Kate is one of our proud customers who loves green goods. She is a fan of organic products. She chose our airDefender sanitizing face and body spray because it is one of the few products that is eco-friendly. It didn't burn her skin.

Kate M and her boyfriend love our product.

Kate M and her boyfriend love our product. True to that statement, our products are non-toxic, non-drying, water-based, reduce germ contact, long-lasting, pet-friendly and safe for the whole family.


These are just a few of the genuine comments we have received from our customers. It is now a question of whether they will start using a nature-friendly hand sanitizer spray due to alcohol sensitivity, or not. airDefender® USA has changed people’s perspective when it comes to the real result of an alcohol-free disinfectant spray. With this revolutionary product, 10+ hours of long-lasting germ block protection, deodorizes body smell and sweat and patented green technology, what you are getting is our company's mission to provide people with natural and safe products that everyone in the family will love.







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