We would frequently hear from our family, or from our friends, telling us to wash our hands with soap and water, particularly after coming back from the outside or before a meal. It is all very natural, especially in the current health climate.


However, there would always come times when there might not be an accessible washroom or sink with soap. It is those instances that we are just so thankful for the existence of hand sanitizers, which are so "handy" that we can just squeeze out a blob to rub and dry and be done, without the need of a rinse at all.

Yet, there are some people who are allergic to alcohol which would pose a problem to them using hand sanitizers or maybe even directly allergic to some other ingredients in the sanitizer, fragrance or some other chemical. What then?


Water alone solely removes the visible dirt on our hands. When examined in UV light, it is shocking to see a number of microbes appear on our hands. To more effectively shed these microorganisms, one would need to use antibacterial soap along with specific comprehensive handwashing technics. With this, you can essentially wash off majority of the microbes down the drain. Though, keep in mind this is washing off and not killing, nor will there necessarily be a mitigating effect for future reproduction of the microbes on your skin.

Alternatively, hand sanitizers are our go-to quick fix for the times we might not have access to running water and soap. But, what if we belong to the group of those who aren't able to use alcohol? What can we do?

An allergy occurs when the immune system has an unexpected reaction to a foreign substance. These foreign substances can be dust on surface objects, pollen from flowers, venom from bees, scales from moths, the fur of various pet animals or even foods such as nuts. So reactions can be relatively mild, but there are a portion that can be fatal.

The cause of an allergic reaction is called an allergen. For someone whose allergy is triggered after applying hand sanitizer, it might not significantly indicate that the person is allergic to sanitizers or disinfectants in general but it is likely one of the components inside the sanitizer is their allergen, of which a common trigger might be the type of alcohol or the fragrance added to overwhelm the alcohol scent.

Sanitizers are recommended to have at least 6% alcohol content in order to effectively destroy microbes. Therefore, when one's immune system is triggered, causing a toxic resistance to alcohol, what is referred to as alcohol sensitivity, it should be concerning. While unusual, it can be life-threatening.


Symptoms can vary from person to person. However, there are key indicators that can be used to determine whether a person is having an allergic reaction to alcohol-based sanitizers.

Some very evident symptoms that can be pointing, should there occur where the sanitizer was applied:

  • Inflammation
  • Itching and itchiness
  • Rashes
  • Sore, dry skin
  • Hands are swelling up, cracking, or peeling

Of course, the allergic reaction to the sanitizer can just as likely be triggered by the other ingredients within such as perfume and dye. In either case, it is therefore highly recommended for the affect party to seek the attention of a doctor.


While it might be rare to have an allergy to alcohol-based sanitizers or alcohol spray disinfectants, it is always a good idea to have or know your alternatives and choices. Not all hand sanitizer must be based in alcohol or other inorganic chemicals. There has been many advancements and discoveries in the past decades moving away from this requirement.

The use of organic materials and quantum particles has this game-changer. 

The airDefender natural quantum sanitizing spray possesses all the positive benefits of a alcohol-sanitizer while still being completely natural and hypoallergenic. 


A product that can't solve a problem can only be a joke or a toy. So when it comes to the quality of our product, you don't have to focus just on our international brandname alone. Get to know us by what our customers say instead.

"They do not irritate my skin, no smell, and no sticking. They are also refreshing on a hot summer day". - Tess

"They do not irritate my skin, no smell, and no sticking. They are also refreshing on a hot summer day." - Tess

 She chose our airDefender sanitizing face and body spray because it is one of the few products that is eco-friendly.

Kate is one of our proud customers who loves green goods. She is a fan of organic products. She chose our airDefender sanitizing face and body spray because it is one of the few products that is eco-friendly. It didn't burn her skin.

Kate M and her boyfriend love our product.

Kate M and her boyfriend loved our product. True to that statement, our products are non-toxic, non-drying, water-based, reduce germ contact, long-lasting, pet-friendly and safe for the whole family.


These are just a few of the genuine comments we have received from our customers. AirDefender® USA has changed people’s perspective when it comes to the real result of an alcohol-free disinfectant spray. With our revolutionary product, providing 10+ hours of long-lasting germ block protection while deodorizing the body of smell and sweat though our patented green technology, what you are getting is our company's mission to provide people with natural and safe products that everyone in the family will love.







August 13, 2020

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