The use of hand-sanitizer in cleaning our hands is the best practice when there is an absence of water around. With the ongoing threat and the magnitude of the health risks of what we are facing nowadays, it is vital that after any touch contact, even a simple handshake, it is of utmost priority to wash our hands or to apply hand sanitizer.

Sanitation is a necessary standard. We have been often taught this idea from a very young age, how it is necessary for personal life. However, what is often left out is the reasoning for sanitation and the science behind it. 

When it comes to protection, we often neglect the basics. With the pandemic that paralyzed a number of economies, and with the health risk involve here and there, sometimes we settle for a reusable face mask as our regular face-covering without us knowing that it could also cause acne or discomfort later on.

We frequently hear our moms tell us to wash our hands with soap and water, particularly when we play outdoors or even before a meal. Who would not? This is something natural when we grow up with protective parents. People may say, "They simply love us and want to keep us safe from sickness and disease."