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Qdot Cordless Sanitizer Spray Gun Atomizer




Want to sanitize more than just your hands and face? Or feel that it’s too slow and time-consuming spritzing away with a traditional sprayer one pull at a time? airDefender’s lightweight handheld atomizer is the perfect cost-effective and time-effective solution for all your sanitizing needs, be it for your home, your work, or during your travels!
  • Cordless and Portable: Without the need to plug in a cord to turn on our atomizer spray gun, it becomes the perfect handheld solution to sanitize and sterilize your home, office, car, and wherever else you need it.
  • Lightweight: At less than 2 pounds, you can operate the atomizer with just one hand. And that just emphasizes our spray gun atomizer’s durability and convenience.
  • Quick and Efficient: Cover an entire room in just 5 minutes!
  • Lasting Battery Life: With the built-in high-capacity battery, our atomizer spray gun is ready for the most demanding of areas to sanitize.
  • Blue Light Precision: With a built-in blue light, you can easily see and track where exactly you’re spraying!
  • 3 Powerful Pressure Settings: So you can be sure all kind of surfaces can have their perfect coat of sanitization.
  • One Button Secure Control: Fast, time-efficient cleaning and disinfection start from just one touch.
      Pair Up With airDefender's Patented Antibacterial Solution:
      • 10+ hours of sanitizing and deodorizing effect
      • A water-based, alcohol-free, wash-resistant, natural formula of hypoallergenic, non-toxic ingredients
      • Gentle enough for use on the face, hair, hands, underarms, and the full body. Even for those with sensitive skin!
      • And more!

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