Qdot Mini Sanitizer Atomizer

$16.00 $20.00

Keep your loved ones, guests, and even your gadgets safe from germs with the convenience and luxury of advance technology. airDefender’s Qdot Mini Desktop Sanitizer Atomizer-Dispenser, a cordless, rechargeable, intelligent desktop atomizer which provides a no residue, fuller coverage, and faster drying, mess-free sanitization for your hands and close belongings.

Intelligent And Touchless Design: Reduces physical contact interaction, avoiding germ transmission and cross-infection.

  • Infrared Induction Sensor: Quipped with a fast infrared induction sensor to give you a no-touch, no-germs experience.
  • Motion Activated: The built-in motion sensor can automatically detect your hand to know when to dispense and when to stop to prevent the wastage of your sanitizing solution.

Green Solution: Designed to be lightweight, spill-free, and sustainable, so you can easily refill and continue to use it anywhere and even on the go. Compatible with all liquid solutions.

Powerful Battery Life: Rechargeable, high-capacity battery, sufficient for even the most demanding of tasks.

One Button Secure Control: A quick touch of one button for fast and time-efficient disinfection.


Pair Up With airDefender's Patented Antibacterial Solution:

  • 10+ hours of sanitizing and deodorizing effect
  • A water-based, alcohol-free, wash-resistant, natural formula of hypoallergenic, non-toxic ingredients
  • Gentle enough for use on the face, hair, hands, underarms, and the full body. Even for those with sensitive skin!
  • And more!