Independently Efficacy and Safety Tested

airDefender® QAT has undergone and continues to undergo efficacy and safety testing to ensure superior quality and safety for our partners and consumers. All our tests are performed according to strict international standards and in compliance with each regions regulatory requirements. Pending regulatory approval in some regions and territories, contact your region/territory’s airDefender office for specific QAT and QAT products regulatory questions and interest. 


In a study in compliance to EPA standards, surface virucidal efficacy of airDefender Antibacterial Solution was observed against SARS-related Coronavirus 2 strain.
The product presenting no cytoxicity under any dilution was also observed in the study.

*Antiviral efficacy may vary depending on substrate type, application dosage of the treatment, impurities, and application procedure.

Toxicity Safety

Acute Eye Irritation Test (Test No. 405) is conducted using OECD guidelines for testing chemicals to provide information on health hazards likely to arise from exposure to test substances (liquids, solids, and aerosols) by the eye. 

The results showed that the solution is safe to be used on the face and around eye areas. 

The purity of the technology allows it to be integrated with most materials without intercepting the manufacturing process of the original.