Hungary Budapest Metro and Suburban Railway

Our technology has been successfully applied to the metro and suburban railway system in Budapest, Hungary by our local applicator, Resysten. After nearly a year of follow-up testing, the overall bacterial counts by ATP meter decreased by more than 90%. As a prominent public health achievement, this result was presented to the Health Ministers of participating countries at the 3rd CEEC-China Health Ministers’ Meeting1 and its exhibition on June 19, 2017, where the strategic cooperation agreement was signed under the witness of the Health Minister of China and the Economic Minister of Hungary to develop the Central and East European markets together.

1. On June 19, 2017, the 3rd CEEC-China Health Ministers’ Meeting was held in Budapest. Deputy Prime Minister of China, Liu Yandong, and Deputy Prime Minister of Hungary, Zsolt Semjén, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. With the theme of “Promoting the Health of All People”, the “Budapest Declaration" was announced during the meeting.



AirDefender and ICON Hotel collaborated to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the hotel employees and their guests. The video on the left showcases the airDefender's 365-Day Q-dot TiO2 antibacterial and antiviral coating protection being applied to different areas in the Hotel ICON. The coating's long-lasting antibacterial and antivirus ability inhibits and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, where its effectiveness isn't affected by washing, alcohol, or other cleaning protocols. The application covered Hotel ICON's public areas, including lift, gym room and gym equipment, changing rooms, lockers, restrooms, lobby, and more upgrading the hotel's sanitation standards.

Hong Kong Transportation System

In July and August 2020, airDefender’s professional team coordinated together with our authorized applicators, Eco-oil, where over 8000 taxis and 800 minibuses were sprayed and coated by airDefender's Photocatalyst TiO2 long-lasting antiviral and antibacterial coating. Taxis and minibuses were chosen for their high risk of cross-infection, given that the likelihood of viruses spreading within such small, enclosed vehicles are high.

After applying the airDefender coating to every single inch of the vehicle, including handles, seats, steering wheel, etc., the vehicle becomes protected and the coating will suppress and decompose 99.9% of virus and bacteria for an entire year. This was a feat possible as a measure to fight COVID-19 by working closely with the government.

The “Star” Ferry Limited Project

People in Hong Kong have been fighting COVID-19 since the start of 2020, and the major cross-harbor ferry operator, the “Star” Ferry Limited, supported by airDefender and our authorized applicator, Eco-Oil, successfully introduced the Q-dot Photocatalyst TiO2 Antibacterial and Antiviral coating technology onto their fleet and to their public areas as a preventive measure against the virus. For more details on this project, visit our blog!


1. During the test, Room A (control) was 50% occupied 50% while Room B (experimental) was 100% occupied. A few weeks after the coating application, Room A no longer had any more patients but hospital still continued the same disinfection procedure as usual. It was found that the pass rate of Room A has improved during this time. Meanwhile, Room B remained full the entire duration, but the pass rate was still significantly better than that before the coating and the control group, Room A.

2. Both improvement in bacterial counts reading and pass rate achieved statistic significance according to the statistic criterion.

Attikon University General Hospital (Greece)

We helped the hospital control the pathogenic risk in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) through application of our anti-microbial photocatalyst coating. The various readings of total bacteria counts declined by approximately 82% and the pass rate increase by 245% (P<0.05).

Akron’s Children Hospital 

We helped the Akron’s Children Hospital[1] eliminate fatal superbugs and sensitized chemical contaminant in air to reduce the cross infection[2] and asthma[3] risk of the Children. Our airDefender TiO2 Photocatalyst solution is a very efficient agent in purifying air.

1. Akron’s is the biggest US children hospital, honored as the best US children hospital in 2015-2016 by US News.

2. According to incomplete statistics, cross-infection can increase the healthcare system's cost by over 130B USD every year in US.

3. High incidence of asthma has been observed for many years, and air pollutant has been deemed to be the major inducement.

Emory University Healthcare Group

The hospital affiliated with the Emory University Healthcare Group eliminated pathogenic risk in the environment by using our anti-microbial hygienic coating. Total infection rate declined by approximately 30%[1], the EENT and UTI reduction achieved statistical significance (P<0.05)[2]. URI reducing more than 70% in the study.[3]

1. There were fewer total infections for the full year after applying the coating (n=185) compared with the year prior to applying the coating (n=275).

2. The reduction in EENT, UTI and total infection, as well as overall reduction, had achieved statistic significance according to statistic criterion.

3. URI recorded a greater than 70% reduction in the study, but the P-Value of the result was 0.16 > 0.05 due to strong outside environment influence and the small sample size.

Children’s Hospital of Shanghai

Research was done in the Children’s Hospital of Shanghai in Shanghai, China where three areas (including some wards, staff recreation room and mist room) was coated with our solution. The research was done without any other special treatment applied to the general hospital and the hospital was also open to patients and the general public as usual. A reduction in bacterial count in most of the areas was recorded.

airDefender® is currently available in many other countries, such as Canada, China, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, New Zealand, Qatar, Spain, Taiwan, and South America. Many large shopping malls, clinics, bookstores, after-school care centers and small local retailers internationally are discovering the value of airDefender in protecting their families, employees and customers.