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Be the Influence for a More Sustainable World


airDefender® North America is searching for people who are passionate about innovation, technology, science, natural products, and environmentally-responsible solutions that are better for both the user and the planet.

If you’re a part of this group, we believe our product would be just perfect for you and your audience. 

We are looking for dynamic, health-conscious, and innovative influencers to join as affiliates and ambassadors of the airDefender brand.


Why promote airDefender®?

You get free products and trustworthy protection at the same time.

Your amazing videos have a chance to be shown in front of the millions of users in all the 15+ countries airDefender is in.

Your audience would be easily captivated by our products because they can connect with the story behind the innovation.

You will be promoting high-quality, well-known branded products.

You will have the opportunity to become sponsored or an ambassador.

airDefender is one of the fastest-rising brands from Hong Kong. Our products are currently being sold in over 15 countries, and we are already making a difference with our innovative products through working with numerous governments, corporations, and families like yours.


airDefender’s Advanced Technology - The Quantum Photocatalysis

Since 2008, the airDefender nano antimicrobial coating technology has been the main provider of green protective surfactants for commercial infrastructures in Hong Kong. In 2014, the company advanced its nanotechnology to the quantum level, allowing our products to endure far longer than conventional nano products while also being safe for human use on the body. We envision a future where everyone can have access to improved and sustainable health care technology for a healthier lifestyle and a higher overall well-being.

Some of airDefender’s accreditations include:

2020 Hong Kong Emerging Brand winner. NASA researched and ranked innovation. Efficacy certified. FDA registered. ROHS compliant.


airDefender® 2-in-1 Natural Sanitizing Body Spray

Made from ethically sourced, chemical-free ingredients that not only does it offer your skin a natural, germ-free upgrade but also comes with a deodorizing effect, eliminating any lingering odors on your body while preventing any from happening. A spritz of freshness designed to remain effective for 10 hours on your skin, whether you’re recording a video or attending an event, inside or outside.

Available sizes: 10ml (Travel Size), 100ml (Standard Size), 150ml (Refill)


  • One spray for 10 hours of germ protection
  • Cost effective, longer freshness
  • Greener and cleaner
  • Healthier skin, healthier life


  • Full body use
  • Multi functional – sanitizer & deodorant (kills 99.9% of germs)
  • Long-lasting effect, wash and sweat resistant (10 hours)
  • Natural water-based formulaNon-toxic, no harsh chemicals
  • Alcohol-free, aluminum-free, fragrance-free, fast-drying, rinse-free, no residue
  • Safe for kids, elderly, and pets. Dermatologist recommended.
  • An eco-friendly sustainable innovation

airMask® - A premium reusable antimicrobial mask

Engage with your friends and fans without having to feel awkward because of an uncomfortable face mask. AirMask is a comfortably-fitted mask that will not strain your ears or nose while still perfectly guarding your face against dirt and microbes for the entire day. It comes in trendy colors to match your trendy outfits, ready for your viral material.


  • Fluid resistant coating prevents bacteria buildup
  • 3 layers of protection, ensuring that no bacteria will enter your mouth or nose
  • Neutral color options for easy mixing and matching with any outfit
  • Made from sustainable cotton for a comfortable, snug fit


  • Breathable 100% BCI OEKO-Tex certified cotton
  • Adjustable inner nose wire and ear loops
  • Sustainable outer fabric with Silvadur technology for antimicrobial effect while also eliminating potential odor arising from wearing the mask for too long
  • Machine washable

airDefender® Qdot Mini Atomizer

Whether you’re in your car or at work, you can now socialize without having to worry. Pair the mini atomizer with the airDefender 2-in-1 solution for a powerful result that does more than just protect your hands. You can sanitize the objects you are commonly in contact with too, such as keys, pens, and mobile phones. The airDefender solution also has a deodorizing effect, which aids in the elimination of any undesirable odors in your car or on your clothing, just in time for your appearance at any social events.


  • Easy and convenient to carry in your car, have at your workspace or in the lobby
  • Safe for children, pets and the planet
  • No need to recharge every day, saving you time and hassle


  • Smart induction automatic shut off, minimizing wastage
  • Compatible with all liquid solutions
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery
  • 100ml capacity tank

airDefender® Atomizer Spray

Pair with airDefender’s 2-in-1 solution to instantly protect you and your guests. Use this simple but powerful device for a deeper, more detailed sanitization of your house or studio with its one-button control and blue-light precision. The atomizer can be used with any non-corrosive liquid solution; not compatible with gels or oils. (Any acidic or otherwise corrosive liquids will severely damage the longevity of the machine)


  • Easy and convenient sanitation, cover a large room under 5 minutes
  • Nano-atomization for faster drying, no residue, and fuller coverage while minimizing solution use
  • Save the cost of a professional service
  • Less time on cleaning, more time on you


  • 3 levels of atomization
  • Cordless, lightweight, rechargeable
  • One-hand handling, one button control for pressure level and blue light



Innovate with Us

We continue to innovate series of sustainable products that centered around our patented Quantum technology, we are excited to collaborate with innovative mind like yours.