Achievements & Merits

Ranked top 3 out of 47 samples of Visible-Light responsive (VLR) TiO2-based catalyst. airDefender is the only commercial product in top 6 samples adopting Q-dot photocatalyst (Coutts et al., 2014)

Effectiveness published in American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) – significant reduction of total cross infection rate in hospital (P<0.05) after 17mths (Puliam, 2015)

TNO performed the microbial test required by the EFSA. No surviving CFU was found on the spectrum of microbial activity. (Overkamp, 2014, p.10)

airDefender International Co. Ltd was hailed as one of the 2020 top emerging brands by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council (BDC). ("Brand Awards", 2020)

Becoming one of the innovators for sustainable photocatalytic technology, we joined with international testing laboratories to not only strengthen the partnership in pushing new technology but also making sure that we have undergone the necessary international certifications. These certifications are the testaments of our integrity and commitment to sustainable products, public health concerns, and our aim to create a comfortable, safe and clean environment in every community. We are honored to receive such merit from NASA, gained recognition from the American Journal of Infectious Control, passed the evaluation of TNO and EFSA, and receiving the emerging brand award from Hong Kong Brand Development Council.