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Our latest release on May 28,2021 by Virology Research Service has concluded airDefender patented Quantum Solution is effective against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that caused covid-19.  

The research was conducted strictly following the protocol for ISO21702:2019. This work was performed in the VRS London labs in May 2021. Under the conditions tested, airDefender has a viricidal activity against SARS-CoV-2 at a contact time of 24 h. At 24 h, airDefender was compared to 1.04E+04 TCID50/cm2 for the reference control. R (antiviral activity) = 2.69 at 24 h. The above data indicate that the Anti-microbial Coating inactivates > 99% of virus after 24 h of contact relative to a non-treated control. 

Safety To Environment & Humans

 Oral toxicity level found in the airDefender product is safe.
Verified by SGS International Testing Services, CIQ and RoHS.

Tests showed significant reduction of bacteria and viruses at 24 hrs after airDefender's application.

Tested by Strict International Standards

Acute Eye Irritation Test (Test No. 405) conducted using the OECD guideline for testing chemicals to provide information on health hazards likely to arise from exposure to test substances (liquids, solids, and aerosols) by application on the eye.  The results showed that the solution is safe to be used on the face and around eye areas.