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Our goal here at airDefender® is to improve the lives of people around the world through our innovative health technologies. We envision a life where health technology is entwined with sustainability so that our next generations will still have full access to the natural resources and the elements of our planet. We sought and achieves this through the power of airDefender®’s quantum engineering technology, through which we can attain a cleaner, toxic-free, and germ-free environment. 

Expert Opinions


As a part of providing healthcare innovations, airDefender®'s quantum technology, which uses the Visible Light Responsive (VLR) catalyst, was ranked by NASA research team as the one of the top 3 best samples submitted in 2014.

An experiment was conducted by the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) to test the effectiveness of photocatalytic surface coating. The results showed a remarkable decline of infection rate in healthcare settings, reducing the incidence of transmission by 30%. 

Patented Quantum Photocatalysis Technology

AirDefender®'s technology process has always kept nature in mind. Therefore, we ensure our products only contain environmentally friendly and natural components. With our technology, by using natural resources (ultra-visible light source) and minerals (TiO2), the energized ingredient (TiO2) will transform harmful cells into positive or harmless substances, thus capable of highly reducing volatile organic compound VOC emissions, such as ammonia, NH3, CH4, and N2O, which can cause health risks when emitted into the atmosphere.

airDefender USA Quantum Advantages

Beyond Nano Performance

AirDefender®'s advanced self-assembling synthesis technology is a new approach to deal with pathogens. Its inherent antimicrobial properties work fast to deal with microbe-ridden surfaces and environments, improving hygiene and health. Catalyst-size is a significant factor in porosity and a smaller size results in better performance when reducing contaminants.

Multi-Active Crystal Structure - airDefender USA


airDefender®'s uniquely designed non-spherical crystal structure brings together more active bonds to attract pathogens and harmful substances, making sure airDefender® works in the most effective way possible.

super mesoporous film - airDefender USA


Our unique form of Quantum Photocatalytic Mesoporous film coating, after drying, increases porosity up to 80%. This means that once dry, it gives full coverage on any porous surface, reducing germ contact and making it safer even before the anti-microbial properties come into play

Crystallization Technology - airDefender USA


Low-temperature sol crystallization technology results in better performance and better outcomes.

Hydrosol Safety and Stability - airDefender USA


The use of hydrosol makes airDefender safe and environmentally friendly, so it can be used all day with no corrosive or detrimental effects. Stabilization of particles through unique techniques means we don’t have to rely on surfactants, strong acid, or strong alkali.

Why airDefender USA

Independently Tested

AirDefender®’s technology has been tested by multiple laboratories against the H1N1 Influenza virus, E. Coli, MRSA, SARS-2, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria, HCoV-229E, Vaccinia, hand-foot-mouth, and other diseases and contaminants.

All of which resulted in >99% bacteria reduction after the use of our Qdot technology 24 hours post our treatment.

Safety Toxicity Tests By SGS

The airDefender natural solution has passed 5 different toxicity tests include oral, inhalation, skin, eye, and cytotoxicity.  It is guaranteed to be safe to use from head-to-toe, even around food areas.