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Family Protection Starter Set



Enjoy the luxury of advanced technology with airDefender’s patented antibacterial germblock, and the Qdot spray gun atomizer, both in one bundle.

What’s in this bundle:

  • 1 - Qdot Cordless Sanitizer Spray Gun Atomizer

Want to sanitize more than just your hands and face? Or feel that it’s too slow and time-consuming spritzing away with a traditional sprayer one pull at a time?

airDefender’s lightweight handheld atomizer is the perfect cost-effective and time-effective solution for all your sanitizing needs, be it for your home, your work, or during your travels!

    • Cordless and Portable
    • Lightweight
    • Blue Light Precision
    • 3 Different Pressure Settings and More!

For more information, visit Qdot Spray Gun Atomizer.

This product of the bundle comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. For details, visit Warranty Terms and Conditions.

  • 2 - airDefender 10 Hr Natural Quantum Sanitizing Solution Refill (2 x 150ml)

Defend the health of you, your loved ones, and your guests with airDefender’s long-lasting natural sanitizing solution. An all-natural dual sanitizing-deodorizing solution that blocks and kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs, an effect capable of lasting for more than 10 hours, keeping you sustainably microbe protected and odor-free throughout the day!

    • Formula from a patented, award-winning innovative technology.
    • Water-based, alcohol-free, fragrance-free.
    • All-natural; completely made from hypoallergenic, non-toxic.
    • Wash and sweat resistant.

For more information, visit airDefender Solution.

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